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A while back when I was looking for the best black porn site available on the net there was only one site that I found worth anything and that was BigFatterThin. BigFatterThin had a good selection of black rippers and all kinds of goodies but the best part about it is the member's area. In the member's area you would always find a new video and that was always a plus because if you don't like the video you can always delete it or watch another member's video. Now Big Firittt could use a lot more black rippers in his member's area and I am not saying that just because I love Big Firittt.


The only thing that really kept the Big Black Porn site from being my number one favorite is the price. Big Fatbigboys cost about as much as Vivid Desire so if you are strapped for cash that is the way to go but if you have a credit card and can pay the full amount you can stay at home and still view the videos. That is not what I'm talking about because the best black porn site is still Vivid Desire and they still give you the greatest collection of sex videos I have ever seen. Vivid Desire also allows you to download the movies to your computer so that you don't have to wait for them to send it to your door. They also have a membership for just $30 which is awesome but the member's area is really just mediocre.


In my opinion the best black porn site is still Vivid Desires because they have the best collection and the quality is still up there with the best. The only thing that made Vivid Desires site above BigFatter Thighs was the member's area. Big Fatbigboys review doesn't mention the member's area and I don't think they care, so that is why I don't put it in the big fatbigboys review. You can still download the movies from Vivid Desire, but BigFatter Thighs gets the award for best black porn site.


There are two types of videos you can find on Vivid Desire. There is regular video(or video tape) and special video(or movie tape). The regular video is great because it has tons of black lovemaking in it. If you prefer the regular black and white porn, this is the site for you. Special video is a lot better because it gives you the opportunity to choose from some of the most exotic black porn ever. It also has many gay black guys and gay black women in it as well as other kinds of guys.


Another huge difference between the bigfatbigboys and the other sites is the selection of movies. Vivid Desires has over 400 movies and that is a big fat big deal. They have movies ranging from the hot ebony scene with Leighton Meester in it, to some of the best gay black guys ever and more. Even though Bigfatbigboys has the biggest selection, that doesn't mean it is the best site for black men looking for black men. In fact, it might not be the best site at all for that matter. That is mainly because they only upload the best black man videos and don't care what other sites have on there.


In my opinion, the best black men porn site out there is the one on Vivid Desire. It holds the biggest variety of big black men and gay black men on the internet. It gives you the option to watch whatever videos you want whenever you want from the comfort of your own home. Plus, when you order from the site you get some free extras too.



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